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Solving Contamination Issues with Pharmaceutical Forensics

Authors & Contributors David Exline April 22, 2011 The presence of foreign particulate matter and other contaminants can halt the production of drug products for weeks, even months, until the contaminant and the source are identified and the issue is fully resolved. This webinar recording examines how a new, advanced problem solving approach called pharmaceutical

Characterizing Pharmaceuticals Utilizing Chemical Imaging

July 26, 2011 Chemical imaging is an analytical technique that combines digital imaging with spectroscopy to characterize materials in various drug delivery systems, including nasal spray and inhalation products, semi-solids, solids, transdermal and controlled release systems, as well as medical devices. From determining a polymorphic form to evaluating the particle size distribution of an active

Forensic Analysis of Hair and Fibers for Police & Attorneys

Authors & ContributorsDavid Exline February 10, 2012 This webinar was designed for police officers and attorneys engaged in collection and investigations relating to hair and fiber evidence. Current methods of hair and fiber collection and  interpretation is discussed. This webinar also reviews past and current testing methods with emphasis on the most current methods used

Laboratory Methods for Failure Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products

Authors & Contributors Rebekah Byrne David Exline May 09, 2012 Failures in pharmaceutical products may range from issues with delamination and  packaging failures to polymorphs arising in the pharmaceutical product.This webinar is designed for laboratory and manufacturing personnel that are responsible for quality assurance and quality control of processes in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. This

Determining Content Uniformity Using Raman Chemical Imaging

May 11, 2012 Content uniformity of a drug product has a direct impact on product performance, quality and efficacy.  Raman and near-infrared chemical imaging are novel techniques used to provide an accurate, timely and cost-effective method, which is important when evaluating a drug product’s content uniformity.  By using these techniques, drug developers can ensure the

Polymorph Analysis Using Raman Chemical Imaging

May 12, 2012 Screening for polymorphs is crucial during drug development, since the crystal form of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) directly correlates with its pharmacokinetic properties.  The ability to image and detect spatially variable changes in the drug substance becomes important in determining the drug products efficacy and performance and has significant impact on

Forensic Analysis of Paint and Tapes for Police & Attorneys

Authors & ContributorsDavid Exline May 13, 2012 This webinar covers the forensic investigation process for paint and tape evidence. Topics include the most current methods used for today’s investigators and discuss the interpretation of paint transfer evidence. Case studies related to the analysis of duct tapes, automotive and architectural paints are also be presented. Highlighted

Ingredient-Specific Particle Sizing Using Raman Chemical Imaging

May 14, 2012 In accurate, timely, and cost effective method of measuring drug particle size distribution is important during formulation as well as batch release testing.  Raman chemical imaging is a novel technique used during these phases, which enables scientists to accurately measure drug particle size distribution and identify the chemical makeup of aggregates and