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What Police and Attorneys Need to Know about Condom Lubricant Analysis

Authors & Contributors Cara Plese & Antonio Scatena

August 06, 2013

This webinar was designed for police and attorneys and built upon the information provided in our previous webinar  “Forensic Analysis of Condom Lubricants for Police and Attorneys.” During this webinar, our presenters provided a more in depth explanation of the analysis of condom lubricants and gave insight into many of the variables that can influence the results of a test, including appropriate collection time, the location of sampling, and the type of condom used in an assault. The presenters focused on the results of condom lubricant analysis and discuss what can be determined once a sample has been tested.

Highlighted Topics Covered:

  • Provide an in depth explanation of condom lubricant analysis
  • Insights into variables that can influence results, including collection time, sampling location and the type of condom used in an assault
  • What type of conclusions can be made after a sample has been tested
  • Provide example scenarios where condom lubricant analysis can be utilized

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