Wear Debris Characterization using Automated Raman and SEM-EDS

Authors & ContributorsRebekah ByrneDavid ExlineSeptember 17, 2015

Wear debris contamination is not a new problem within various industries: however, the way that the contamination is identified and monitored is evolving. Automated Raman coupled with automated SEM-EDS analysis allows you to evaluate size, shape, elemental distribution and characterization of particles within a single sample. These combined techniques provide particle information for organic, inorganic and metallic particles. This valuable information helps to assist with determining the root causes for specific failures, as well as predict failures even before they happen. Monitoring wear debris is essential to, but not limited to, medical manufacturing, aerospace and industrial manufacturing.

Highlighted Topics Include

  • An overview of Raman and SEM-EDS technology and capabilities
  • Common wear debris contamination challenges within different industries
  • Benefits of monitoring wear debris
  • Applications and examples of wear debris analyses

During this webinar we will discuss Raman and SEM-EDS technology and how it’s used to provide automated particle sizing and characterization. In addition, common wear debris contamination challenges and benefits will be covered. We will conclude with some applications and examples of wear debris analyses.

Who Should Attend?

You should attend this webinar if you are involved in guaranteeing the quality and safety of products before and/or after contamination failures and are looking for an effective method for monitoring wear debris contamination.

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