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Ingredient-Specific Particle Sizing Using Raman Chemical Imaging

May 14, 2012

In accurate, timely, and cost effective method of measuring drug particle size distribution is important during formulation as well as batch release testing.  Raman chemical imaging is a novel technique used during these phases, which enables scientists to accurately measure drug particle size distribution and identify the chemical makeup of aggregates and their particle size to build a better understanding of the formulation properties.

This webinar is designed for scientists working to develop nasal spray suspensions, inhalation products, topical suspensions or working in particle engineering.  In this webinar, we will discuss the benefit of this novel method of particle sizing that automatically measures particle size distribution.  We will also discuss specific references to FDA bioequivalence guidance documentation, innovative product design and intellectual property benefits.

Highlighted Topics Covered:

  • The benefit of ingredient-specific particle sizing for measuring in vitro drug particle size distribution
  • Specific discussions on how this method can address a critical path opportunity for generic nasal spray suspensions
  • Discussion of FDA bioequivalence guidance documentation for generic nasal spray suspensions
  • The benefit of this information for innovative product design and intellectual property benefits
  • The evaluation and identification of particle aggregates using this method

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