Pharmaceutical Analysis Services From Gateway Analytical

Our FDA-inspected labs help to ensure our results are reproducible and our analyses are accurate. We have experience with every step of a drug product's market journey, with the ability to answer questions about drug development, transportation and handling, and manufacturing inconsistencies.

Pharmaceutical Analysis Process Infographic

Particle sizing, counting, and identification analysis provides a detailed accounting of foreign particulate matter present in a pharmaceutical product.

Particle Size Distribution

The presence of foreign materials in pharmaceutical products, cell-based therapy products and medical devices can impact the immediate and long-term safety of the product. However, these foreign particles are often below the size range that can be manually manipulated. Gateway Analytical utilizes specialized sample preparation techniques to collect foreign particulates from drug products and automated high-throughput techniques to accurately determine elemental, spectral, and morphological information.

Our particle sizing, counting, and identification services allow our customers to analyze large populations of particles down to submicron scales within a matter of hours. This automated service can be performed on organic, inorganic, and metallic materials.

More specifically, our experts use SPE-Raman to count and size particles as small as 2 microns, while automated SEM-EDS can find particles down to the submicron level. All data are reported in size bins as requested by the customer. Additionally, we have the ability to build customer-specific reference databases to fast-track sourcing and root cause analysis services.

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