Medical Device Analysis

Successful medical devices encompass robust safety, durability, and lifetime. Our medical device analysis services support both development and post-market study.

Medical Device Analysis Process Infographic

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Hip replacements. Orthopedic pins. Infusion pumps. At Gateway Analytical we understand there isn’t any room for error when it comes to quality-of-life-enhancing medical devices. Our FDA-inspected laboratories are equipped with the analytical instrumentation required to conduct rigorous pre-market and post-market analysis and testing, from particulate identification to wear debris testing to failure analysis.

Whether your company is developing a novel coating designed to limit particle shedding or considering changes in raw materials suppliers, it’s important to identify modes of failure and avoid costly missteps before they happen. When failure occurs or inquiries are made, it’s equally important to quickly and accurately assess the problem and create solutions.

We’re a team of experts with a track record of creating value and delivering success in the medical devices industry.
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Our medical device analysis services provide answers to your team’s unique technical and regulatory challenges.

Medical devices cover a wide range of applications and functions, and can be evaluated on diverse criteria. Gateway Analytical can help you to achieve successful outcomes without letting complexity stand in your way.

Wear Debris Analysis - Gateway Analytical
Wear Debris Analysis

Identify the lifetime, modes of failure, and appropriate lubricants for your medical device.

Infusion Equipment Analysis - Gateway Analytical
Infusion Equipment Analysis

We can collect, size, and count foreign particulates present in inner fluid pathways.

Failure & Defect Analysis - Gateway Analytical
Failure & Defect Analysis

Avoid costly fractures and surface corrosion to improve product and patient safety.

Particulate Sizing, Counting & Identification - Gateway Analytical
Particulate Sizing, Counting & Identification

Quantify particulate matter on or within your medical device early in the development process.

Wear Debris Analysis - Gateway Analytical
DEV Wear Debris Analysis

Identify the lifetime, modes of failure, and appropriate lubricants for your medical device.

Material Characterization Services - Gateway Analytical
Materials Characterization

Materials Characterization Our material characterization services help explore and measure the physical, mechanical, chemical, and microstructural properties of your sample materials. The primary goal of our analysis is to afford you the scientific understanding necessary to resolve critical production issues. You can apply the material characterization services from Gateway Analytical to several critical areas, including: