Tifanie Tiberio

Tifanie Tiberio - Marketing Manager - Gateway Analytical
Marketing Manager

Tifanie Tiberio is the Marketing Manager at Gateway Analytical. She implements marketing plans through effective communications, conducts strategic planning activities, manages tradeshows and other events, and develops the creative elements for publications and media materials. Additionally, she's responsible for aligning sales and marketing activities through our CRM program. Tifanie earned two Bachelor's Degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in History and Psychology, respectively, in addition to minors in Business Administration, Professional Writing, and Communication Design. Her previous experience includes several local non-profits, Director of Marketing and Special Events at the Animal Rescue League of Western PA, and Campaign Manager & Special Events Planner at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

She's famous for making the Thanksgiving Week 2008 cross-state journey that reunited Tootsie, a dachshund from New Jersey that ended up in Pittsburgh, with his family. (Seriously. Google it.)