Michael Koehler

Michael Koehler - Business Development Coordinator/Associate Scientist - Gateway Analytical

Michael Koehler is the Business Development Coordinator/Associate Scientist for Gateway Analytical. Michael’s primary focus is on maintaining a strong working relationship between the sales team and the laboratory, to ensure a smooth company workflow. Michael started at Gateway Analytical in 2019, originally working as the Project Coordinator before moving into his current position. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Business Management Minor from LaRoche University. Prior to working with Gateway Analytical, Michael was a paint Chemist for PPG Industries, and a laboratory technician for Kop-Coat.

In his free time, Michael enjoys building and operating radio controlled model airplanes and boats, and is currently working on a 10 foot long model of the Titanic in 1:87 scale. Michael also enjoys collecting antique windup gramophones and records from the 1920s and earlier, and can often be found in local antique shops searching for such treasures.