Abigail Hardt Matchett

Abigail Hardt - Market Research Analyst - Gateway Analytical
Market Research Analyst

Abigail Hardt is a Market Research Analyst at Gateway Analytical. She has over six years' experience in analytics, including an analytics consultancy in New York City, Finance and IT at UPMC, and currently conducts business strategy research at our parent company ChemImage. As part of our team, she identifies market and business opportunities and develops strategic plans for sales, operations, and marketing. She plays a crucial role in the messaging and positioning of our services and technical capabilities. Abby earned a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from the Stern School of Business at NYU and a Master's Degree in Information Technology: Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University.

When not poring over Google Adwords and web analytics, she keeps busy with yoga and coordinating puppy playdates for her dog, Cooper.