Laboratory Methods for the Examination of Foreign Particulate Matter

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Gateway Analytical ServicesEvent Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2012
1 p.m. EDT
 1 hour
David Exline, Senior V.P. and  Antonio Scatena, Scientist at Gateway Analytical

When manufacturing pharmaceutical products, foreign particulate matter arises from a number of different sources. No matter what the source, manufacturers are required to fully characterize, identify and find the source of these particulates. If this is not done properly, a company runs the risk of receiving a FDA Form 483 for this nonconformance.

This webinar is designed for laboratory personnel that encounter foreign particulate matter in the manufacturing, process/product development and customer returns. The webinar will focus on the current methods of particulate isolation and laboratory testing methods to determine identification of foreign particulate and forensic approaches to source determination.

Highlighted Topics Covered
  • Review of current methods of particulate isolation
  • Review of current laboratory testing methods for identifying foreign particulate
  • The forensic approach to source determination

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