Forensic Analysis of Gunshot Residue for Police & Attorneys

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Gunshot Residue Analysis

Original Event Date: Tuesday, Feb. 7th, 2012
Duration: 30 min.

  • David Exline, Senior V.P. & Court-Qualified Trace Evidence Expert at Gateway Analytical
  • Cara Plese, Forensic Scientist at Gateway Analytical

Host: Linda Batykefer, Marketing Manager, Gateway Analytical

The science of gunshot residue analysis has evolved over the past several decades. The discipline of forensic testing has had to evolve as well as new insight into the collection and interpretation of such evidence has become a focal point over time.  This webinar educates the attendees on the most recent changes in gunshot residue analysis terminology used to interpret gunshot residue evidence and highlight the most effective collection and analysis methods used to characterize forensic gunshot primer residue evidence.

The webinar focuses on collection of gunshot residue analysis, past and present methods of analytical testing and the most current views on interpreting gunshot residue evidence.  This webinar is critical for police officers and attorneys who investigate and prosecute violent crime.  Science is ever-changing and new advancements and better understanding forensic interpretation are paramount to the proper use of forensic evidence.

Highlighted Topics Covered

  • The proper evidence collection methods for GSR
  • The most current testing methods used today for GSR
  • The investigative value and limitations of testing GSR

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