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2013 AAFS Annual Meeting 2014 AAPS Poster 2014 IACP poster 2016 PDA Poster A2LA Accredited Laboratory AAFS 2013 AAPS accreditation ACTIVE PHARMACEUTICAL INGREDIENT (API) Addressing Glass Delamination adhesives AGGLOMERATE Agglomerates agglomerate testing agglomeration assessment aggregates American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists analytical analytical approach Analytical Consulting Services analytical instrumentation analytical instrument qualification analytical testing aqueous suspension formulations ASCLD/LAB-International ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation ASCLD/LAB accreditation Assessing Aggregate Performance audit tips automated particle characterization automated particle identification automated particle sizing automated Raman Automated Raman/LIBS Automated SEM-EDS Bioanalytical Method Validation bioavailability bioequivalence biotechnology certification cGMP cGMP laboratory characterizing DPIs characterizing foreign particulate chemical identification chemical imaging chemically specific chemically specific analysis chemically specific particle sizing civil cases Civil litigation support cleanliness studies coatings coating thickness communication community community support condom lubricant analysis Confocal Raman confocal Raman spectroscopy Consistency Consultant Services contaminant contaminants contamination investigations contamination testing content uniformity continual quality improvement contract research organizations controlled release controlled release testing Controlled Substance Registration crime scene investigation criminal justice criminal trace evidence analysis critical path opportunities Critical Path Opportunity customer audits customer satisfaction dave exline DEA Design Qualification deviation investigations DPI formulations drug manufacturing Drug Particle Agglomeration drug product drug scheduling dry powder inhaler Dry Powder Inhalers education employee loyalty energy dispersive spectroscopy equipment control establishing bioavailability evidence Evidence Transfer failure analysis FDA FDA critical path opportunity FDA submission Fiber analysis fibers collection methods fluorescence Hyperspectral Imaging fluorescence microscopy foreign particulate Foreign Particulate Analysis Foreign Particulate in OINDPs foreign particulate matter foreign particulate matter investigations forensic analysis Forensic Community forensic expert forensic fiber analysis forensic hair analysis forensic investigations forensics forensic science Forensic Science program forensic scientists Forensic Training Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy fracture matching FTIR FTIR spectroscopy Generic Generic nasal spray suspsension glass glass delamination glass delamination analysis Glass Lamellae glass testing requirements glass vials GMP GSR analysis gunshot residue gunshot residue analysis Gunshot Residue Evidence hair collection methods HIAC (USP) hyperspectral imaging ICP-OES ICP spectroscopy IFPAC impression evidence Industrial Engineers industrial forensics Ingredient-Specific Particle Sizing Ingredient-Specific Particle Sizsing Inhalable drug products inhalation drug products inhalation drugs Inhalation Magazine Installation Qualification INTFG in vitro in vivo ISO 9001 ISO 9001:2008 ISO 17025 ISO 17025:2005 (A2LA) ISO 17025:2005 Accreditation ISO Accreditation ISPS Laboratory Equipment Qualification LIBS light microscopy MAAFS manufacturing material characterization materials materials analysis materials characterization material science materials science Medical devices mentoring metered dosed inhalers method development method validation Micro-FTIR microscopic analysis microscopy Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists Miscibility of Drugs modified release Molecular/DNA analysis molecular structure morale Nasal Drug Products nasal spray suspensions Nasal suspension PSD National Institute of Justice non-conformance non-conformance/safety nonconformance OINDP OINDPs Operational Qualification Opportunity Optical Microscopy oral dosage Orally Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products paint analysis parenteral drug products particle characterization particle contamination particle counting particle identification Particle Identification in Pharmaceuticals particles aggregation particle size particle size distribution PARTICLE SIZE DISTRIBUTION (PSD) particle sizing particulate characterization particulate contamination particulate identification Particulate in Inhalable Drug Products PDMS Performance Qualification pharmaceutical pharmaceutical contamination pharmaceutical drug products pharmaceutical forensics pharmaceutical formulation pharmaceutical investigations pharmaceutical products physical evidence Pine-Richland plastics Polarized light microscopy polymers polymorph analysis presumptive screening Presumptive Testing problem solving product contamination issues product development product failure product investigative analyses product liability product liability testing professional development Quality quality assurance quality communication quality control quality control testing quality management quality management system quality manual Quality Objectives quality system quality training Raman Raman/LIBS Raman analysis Raman and Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Raman chemical imaging Raman spectral libraries Raman spectroscopy RapID RDD 2014 RDD Europe 2015 Rebehak Byrne Respect reverse engineering scanning electron microscope Scanning Electron Microscopy – Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy Scientific Method scientific methods Scientific Working Groups screening methods SEM SEM-EDS SEM/EDS Semi-Solid semi-solids sexual assault shape distribution solid dispersions source determination SPE Spectral analysis spectral databases spectroscopy stereomicroscopy suspension nasal sprays SWG SWGDAM SWGDRUG SWGFAST SWGMAT tablet Tablets tape analysis tape examination technology transfer testing for blood testing for saliva testing for urine trace evidence trace evidence analysis Trace Evidence Examination training understanding contamination USP USP testing methods vibrational spectroscopy Waynesburg University Wear Debris Analysis Wear Debris Characterization wear debris testing

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