Cytotoxic Contaminants Analysis

Gateway Analytical is your trusted partner to handle all of your foreign particulate identification and particle analysis needs. Now, we are your trusted partner to handle particle testing in cytotoxic drug products.

Foreign particulate matter found in cytotoxic drug products can pose a serious risk to end-users and result in costly recalls to drug manufacturers. Yet, few analytical labs are equipped to properly handle and test cytotoxic materials for foreign particulate matter. Gateway has the facilities and the expertise to safely handle cytotoxic products and analyze any foreign particulate.

Gateway’s new laboratory space includes a dedicated area specifically designed for handling and testing cytotoxic materials.  You can rest assured that our specially-trained experts have the right skills and experience to provide the fast, accurate and reliable testing solutions that you have come to expect from Gateway.

Whether your cytotoxic drug is in the research and development phase, clinical trial phase or production, Gateway Analytical’s cytotoxic testing capabilities are yet another way that we can help you take the unknown out of foreign particulate analysis.

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