Automated Particle Sizing and Identification Services

Particle Sizing and Particulate Identification

Gateway Analytical is the innovative analytical testing laboratory that businesses around the world trust to provide solutions for their most challenging particle sizing and identification needs.

At Gateway, we utilize the RapID SPE-ls raman. ID + metal.ID® to quickly determine the size, shape, chemical composition and particle count of hundreds of metallic, organic and inorganic particles down to 2 µm in size. This combination of imaging analysis and spectroscopy allows us to provide detailed and efficient particle characterization of large particulate populations.

Our Broad Range of Technology: 

  • Provides fast characterization of foreign particulate populations.
  • Is optimal for use with parenterals and OINDP’s such as MDI’s, DPI’s and medical device wear debris.
  • Combines the ability to characterize organic, inorganic and metallic particulate.
  • Is a cost-effective way to characterize a large population of foreign particulate matter.

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