Pharmaceutical Forensics

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Pharmaceutical forensics is the application of forensic testing methods to address such pharmaceutical issues as identifying when and where foreign particulate matter enter a manufacturing process, pinpointing the root cause of product failures or investigating the source of product stains or discoloration.

Through our pharmaceutical forensic services, Gateway Analytical takes an investigative approach to problem solving based on our extensive experience in leveraging materials analysis, characterization and source identification data to provide guidance in the remediation of any issues.  Our forensic scientists specialize in materials characterization techniques that can reveal more about product and process deviations, as well as identify counterfeit drug products.

Pharmaceutical forensic services include:

  • Foreign Particulate Matter Identification
  • Nonconformance Issues
  • OOS Investigations
  • Particle Contamination Characterization
  • Source Determination
  • Product Return Analysis
  • Counterfeit Investigation
  • Failure Analysis

Why Gateway Analytical?

  • Experienced scientists who specialize in applying forensic methods to pharmaceutical-related issues
  • Regulated laboratory environment complying with cGMP and conforming to ISO guidelines
  • Trusted quality system rooted in Quality by Design (QbD) principles
  • Proven history of excellent customer satisfaction
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and methods

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