Industrial Forensics for Materials Testing

Insurance Investigation Support 
Industrial forensics takes investigative practices from forensic science and applies them to materials testing to uncover and solve manufacturing and process issues. Forensic analysis can address common industrial problems such as identification of contaminants in raw materials or finished products, product defects, product failures, counterfeits, as well as overall quality control issues.

With diverse industry expertise, Gateway Analytical’s skilled forensic scientists specialize in materials characterization techniques that can reveal more about the product and process deviations encountered in industrial manufacturing environments. These solution-driven services, paired with our scientific expertise and quality system, can solve issues with deviations, contaminants and failures, preventing future problems.

  • Industrial Forensic Materials Testing Include:
    – Failure Analysis
    – Defect Analysis
    – Polymer Analysis
    – Adhesion and De-lamination Analysis
    – Reverse Engineering
    – Root Cause Analysis
    – Particulate Testing
    – Metals Testing
    – Product Quality Testing
    – Environmental Nuisance Dust Issues
    – Green Materials Testing
    – Chinese Drywall Testing

Why Gateway Analytical?
– More than 15 years of experience in applying forensic methods to tough industry issues
– Proven history of excellent customer satisfaction
– State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and methods
– Conforms to guidelines set forth in ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 9001:2008

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