Trace Evidence Examination

Trace Evidence ExaminationThough it is often overlooked, trace evidence is a critical component to criminal investigations.  With the advancement of DNA testing, conventional forensic testing of trace evidence has been phased out or eliminated in laboratories across the country. Many crime scenes hold valuable trace evidence, but examiners that lack the resources or experience to find it, understand it and assert its true value, can limit its potential.

Whether your laboratory or agency has reduced its trace evidence capability or expert support is needed in the most difficult of cases, let Gateway Analytical support your forensic lab through trace evidence examination. Our experienced forensic scientists utilize state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation in a high-quality testing environment to perform trace evidence examinations yielding accurate, unbiased results. In addition, we have court-qualified experts in several areas of trace evidence on staff.

Trace Evidence Services Include:

  • Animal Hair Examination
  • Biological Stain Visualization
  • Bloodstain Visualization
  • Condom Lubricant Analysis
  • Fracture Examination and Matching
  • Glass Examination
  • Gunshot Residue Analysis
  • Human Hair Examination and Comparison
  • Lamp Examination
  • Paint Examination
  • Synthetic and Natural Fiber Examination and Comparison
  • Tape Examination
  • Unknown Materials Characterization

Why Choose Gateway Analytical?

  • Forensic scientists with over 15 years of experience specializing in investigations for civil, criminal and insurance matters
  • Proven history of excellent customer satisfaction and rapid sample turnaround
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and methods

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