Insurance Investigation Support

Insurance Investigation Support Gateway Analytical specializes in applying forensic testing and consulting methods to examine evidence from suspected false insurance claims, product liability claims, accident investigations and a variety of other insurance related investigations.

Forensic expertise, analysis, and problem solving principles can be utilized in insurance investigations through methods of material isolation, testing, comparison and ultimate source determination.  Our scientists combine years of forensic examination experience with conventional and novel testing methods to aid in your insurance investigations, including:

  • Accident Investigations
    On/Off Impact Determination of Lamps
    Driver/Passenger Location Discrepancies
    – Seatbelt Usage
    – Airbag Size and Shape
    – Paint Transfer Examinations
  • Environmental Contamination Source Determination
    – Nuisance Dust

    Materials Testing (Chinese Dry Wall)
    Lead Paint
  • Product Failures and Liability Claims
    Contamination Identification
    Failure Analysis
    Residential Lead Paint
  • Questioned Document Examination
    Identification of forgeries/alterations
    Uncover obliterated writing
    Examination of watermarks
  • Vandalism

Forensic Consulting:

  • Cold Case Review
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Criminal and Civil Case Review
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Why Choose Gateway Analytical?

  • Experienced forensic scientists with diverse industry experience
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation and methods
  • Scientists with over a decade of experience assisting insurance investigations
  • Currently implementing procedures compliant with ASCLD/LAB-2006 Supplemental Requirements

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