Forensic Testing

Trace Evidence
With a focus on imaging applications and trace evidence analysis, Gateway’s forensic testing services provide forensic analyses and expert testimony in the following areas:

  • Animal Hair Examination
  • Biological Stain Visualization
  • Condom Lubricant Analysis
  • Fracture Examination and Matching
  • Glass Examination
  • Gunshot Residue Analysis
  • Human Hair Examination and Comparison
  • Lamp Examination
  • Paint Examination
  • Synthetic and Natural Fiber Examination and Comparison
  • Tape Examination
  • Unknown Materials Characterization

Insurance Investigations
We also apply forensic methods to examine evidence from hit-and-run accident investigations, as well as suspected false accident insurance claims, including:

  • Lamps (On/Off Impact Determination)
  • Driver/Passenger Location Discrepancies
    – Seatbelt Usage
    – Airbag Size and Shape

Hyperspectral Imaging
With extensive knowledge in hyperspectral imaging, our scientists are leading the way in applying visible, near infrared and fluorescence analyses to forensic samples. Our applications and expertise include:

  • Bloodstain Visualization
  • Gunpowder Visualization
  • Ink Characterization and Comparison
  • Latent Fingerprint Visualization
  • Trace Evidence Analysis

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