Forensic Webinar Recordings

Here you can replay our collection of webinars on a wide range of forensic topics. These forensic based webinars discuss investigation techniques, current methods for collection techniques, documentation procedures, and the analytical analysis of a wide range of trace evidence samples.

Hair as a Pharmaceutical Contaminant: How It Is Identified, and How We Can Tell Where It Originated

When: July 27, 2016 Time: 2PM Presenter: Cara Plese, Scientist Overview Foreign particulate in drug products originate from a variety of sources. Such sources can include machinery used in drug manufacturing, drug packaging components, cleaning utensils and products, personnel wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and laboratory surfaces. Typical contaminants include polymers, fibers, burnt material and […]

What Police and Attorneys Need to Know about Gunshot Residue Analysis

What Police and Attorneys Need to Know about Gunshot Residue Analysis

This webinar is designed for police and attorneys and will build upon the information provided in our previous webinar, “Forensic Analysis of Gunshot Residue for Police & Attorneys.” During this webinar, our presenters will provide police officers with tips on the proper collection of gunshot residue (GSR) evidence, as well as, the methodology used to analyze and interpret the data utilizing automated scanning electron microscopes (SEM) […]