Marina Parra

Marina Parra - Scientist I - Gateway Analytical
Scientist I

Marina Parra is a Scientist I at Gateway Analytical. After beginning her career running SEMs at Alcoa, she joined our team in 2015 and specializes in particulate analysis within pharmaceutical projects and procedures relying on SEM and FTIR instrumentation. Marina earned a Bachelor's Degree in Materials Science from Carnegie Mellon University. While an undergraduate, she co-authored an important paper titled Challenges of Using Copper Isotope Ratios to Trace the Origin of Native Copper Artifacts: An Example from the Keweenaw Peninsula, which detailed complications with a commonly used technique for dating copper artifacts in the field of paleontology.

She likes to find her groove by listening to music while working, although that is a requirement when you own the next office over from our loud-talking President, Dave.