Highland Middle School Lecture “Science: It’s Not Just a Bunch of Big Words.”

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On February 28th, I returned to Highland Middle School (Blackhawk School District) to give an educational lecture to the 7th grade science classes.

The purpose of this visit was to give the students insight on how much of what they are learning right now in school may become very useful in their careers in the future, in a presentation titled: “Science: It’s Not Just a Bunch of Big Words.”

During the lecture, I explained my past role as a scientist in clinical genetics, as well as my current roles as a scientist for both the pharmaceutical industry and in criminal forensics. I also shared with them how I use science to help solve genetic, industrial and criminal mysteries, and the students were overwhelmingly receptive. It was nice to see so many young people interested in the sciences, and to have the opportunity to give back to my local community.

Rebekah is the Manager of Research & Development at Gateway Analytical and she has more than seven years of experience working under quality systems in both clinical and analytical laboratory settings, including cGMP and ISO environments. Rebekah worked as a genetics scientist for Perkin Elmer for two years before joining Gateway Analytical. She has worked specifically in materials characterization for more than four years, with a focus on both pharmaceutical forensics and criminal forensics.

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