Course Review – Manufacturing & Testing of PSA Tapes

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Manufacturing & Testing of PSA Tapes CourseTrace evidence encompasses a number of possible sample types, from fibers to hairs to gunshot residue.  One of the commonly encountered types of trace evidence is tape evidence.  In order to properly understand tape from a trace evidence perspective, it is helpful to understand the manufacture process of the product.

This week, I have been attending the course, “Manufacturing & Testing of PSA Tapes,” at Chemsultants in Mentor, Ohio.  The course is held by PSTC (Pressure Sensitive Tape Council).  It includes in depth lecture and demonstrations on the manufacturing processes of PSA (pressure sensitive tape), along with physical/analytical testing of the product.

The course offers the opportunity to not only learn about processes from experts in the tape industry, but also to gain some insight into how tape manufacture affects forensic analysis of the different components of  this type of material (e.g. adhesives, backing, etc.).

As a Forensic Scientist that deals with the examination of tape evidence, I found this course extremely helpful and would recommend it to anyone looking for a better understanding of tape manufacturing processes and physical properties.

Resource links if you are interested in learning more about the course:

Rebekah is the Manager of Research & Development at Gateway Analytical and she has more than seven years of experience working under quality systems in both clinical and analytical laboratory settings, including cGMP and ISO environments. Rebekah worked as a genetics scientist for Perkin Elmer for two years before joining Gateway Analytical. She has worked specifically in materials characterization for more than four years, with a focus on both pharmaceutical forensics and criminal forensics.

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