Case Studies in Foreign Particulate Analysis Using Manual Testing Methods

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  • When: April 27, 2016
  • Time: 2PM (ET, US & Canada)
  • Duration:  45 Minutes including Q&A
  • Presenters: Marina Parra, Scientist, Angela Flowers Scientist
  • Host: Patrick Lehr, Global Marketing Manager at Gateway Analytical
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Foreign particulate analysis is a critical aspect of pharmaceutical manufacturing and nonconformance investigations. The approaches and methodologies for analyzing foreign particulate vary depending on whether it is a single particle or a population of particles, as well as the physical properties of the particles themselves.

Case Studies in Foreign Particulate Analysis will present an overview of manual methodologies for characterizing foreign particulate matter in pharmaceutical investigations and cleanliness studies. Several examples will be presented showing the various approaches to particulate identification.

During this webinar we will discuss manual types of analysis (including SEM-EDS, microscopy, FTIR, and Raman). In addition, several case studies will be presented as examples of these testing methods.

Topics Covered Will Include

  • An overview of manual foreign particulate characterization
  • How manual analysis compares to automated technologies for particle identification
  • Commonly found sources of particulate contamination
  • Application and case study examples of manual particulate analyses

Who Should Attend?

You should attend this webinar if you are involved in guaranteeing the quality and safety of drug products and are looking for an effective method for identify foreign particulate.

Presenter Bios

Marina Parra, Scientist, Gateway Analytical

Marina Parra

Marina Parra has more than three years of experience in materials characterization and analysis. Marina worked as an SEM technician for a year before joining Gateway Analytical, and also provided mineral characterization services during her time as an undergraduate. As a scientist, Marina focuses on providing particulate analysis and materials characterization to Gateway Analytical’s customers.


Angela Flowers, Scientist, Gateway Analytical

Angela Flowers

Angela Flowers is a scientist at Gateway Analytical. She received her BS in Forensic Science from Seton Hill University. Her background has focused on the identification, sizing and characterization methods of particulate utilizing automated methods of analysis including CCSEM (computer controlled SEM/EDS) and automated Raman/LIBS technology. Over the past year, Ms. Flowers has been involved in implementing and incorporating wear debris analyses studies into our laboratory.

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