Analysis of Particle Agglomeration and Content Uniformity by Raman Imaging

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Presented at: The 39th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the Controlled Release Society (CRS 2012)
Authors: Oksana Olkhovyk and Ryan Priore – Gateway Analytical, 5316 William Flynn Highway, Gibsonia, PA 15044
Release Date: July 16, 2012

Examination of drug particle size distributions (PSD), the extent of drug particle aggregates and content/blending uniformity is an important part in characterization of pharmaceutical products as it directly correlates with the dissolution rate of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Such characterization is also necessary for measuring product quality as well as establishing bioequivalence (BE), evaluating out of specification issues and addressing pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting. This task is particularly critical for controlled release products with multiple actives and excipients since traditional analytical methods are not suitable for in-depth characterization of these complex formulations. Drug-specific PSD reporting is a challenging task for multiple ingredient formulations, including controlled-release capsules, beads, bi-layered tablets, stents and other advanced delivery systems.


Dr. Oksana Olkhovyk Ph.D., plays an important role supporting analytical testing services as the Senior Scientist at Gateway Analytical. She has over 15 years experience in Raman spectroscopy, imaging and material characterization. Dr. Olkhovyk has worked to support hundreds of projects as a scientific liaison between Gateway Analytical and their customers, as well as academic and industrial collaborators.

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  1. I am very interested to know more about your work. I am working in inhalation aerosol plant as a Manager, production.

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