Analysis of Multi-Component Engineered Particles for Inhalation by Raman Chemical Imaging

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White Paper Preview:

One of the most promising trends in inhaled therapies over the past few years is the creation of particles that contain multiple active ingredients. Some studies have suggested that two, or even three, APIs deposited in the same location in the lung may have a synergistic effect.

Combination of the active ingredients within individual particles allows developers to create inhaled therapies that can achieve consistent localized delivery, and colocalization of topically delivered medicines can enhance efficacy at the molecular and cellular levels. The increased efficacy of these products may enable the use of lower doses, leading to safer drugs.


Dr. Oksana Olkhovyk Ph.D., plays an important role supporting analytical testing services as the Senior Scientist at Gateway Analytical. She has over 15 years experience in Raman spectroscopy, imaging and material characterization. Dr. Olkhovyk has worked to support hundreds of projects as a scientific liaison between Gateway Analytical and their customers, as well as academic and industrial collaborators.