OINDP Specialists Increasingly Turning to Social Media

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Article published in Orally Inhaled Nasal & Drug Products (OINDP) News

Linda Batykefer - Marketing Manager, Gateway Analytical

Linda Batykefer Marketing Manager Gateway Analytical

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the rising cultural influence of social media. One of this year’s top movies documents the founding of Facebook; even major news outlets report on recent tweets from Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber; and it’s no longer shocking to catch one of your colleagues posting photos of a recent vacation on his blog during a business meeting.

It may seem like the primary purpose of social media is to create a vast time sink of gossip, romance, and silly games, but platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter also provide numerous opportunities for OINDP specialists to develop new contacts, to keep abreast of developments, and to get timely answers to questions. In the last year or two, a number of suppliers looking to market products and scientists who need technical information have been starting to take advantage of social media.

Linda Batykefer, marketing manager for ChemImage Corporation and Gateway Analytical, which provide spectroscopic imaging equipment and analytical services for OINDP applications, estimates that approximately 20-25% of the industry participates in some sort of social media experience, particularly on business networking site LinkedIn, through blogs, and on Twitter.

Corporate IT policies have been one barrier to greater participation within the industry, according to Batykefer and Paul Kippax of particle size analysis company Malvern, both of whom actively participate in social media on behalf of their respective employers and as individuals, as many companies have blocked access to social networking sites from company computers due to fears of potential misuse. However, as companies begin to realize the potential business value of social media, more are loosening their restrictions, and OINDP specialists who are not participating could potentially miss out on important discussions [Read Full Article]

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