Gateway Analytical: Conventional & Novel Analytical Testing Services for Drug Development

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Published in Drug Delivery Technology Magazine’s October Executive Summary featuring David Exline, Senior Vice President of Gateway Analytical

David Exline, Senior Vice President, Gateway Analytical

A wholly owned subsidiary of ChemImage Corporation, Gateway Analytical is a newly formed company with a diverse expertise in pharmaceutical laboratory analysis, offering various customized analytical technologies to meet drug developer needs. Scientists at Gateway Analytical have more than a decade of experience advising clients in regulatory procedures and conventional USP testing methodologies, as well as more innovative methods like chemical imaging.

At Gateway Analytical, understanding specific drug developer needs, as well as the most efficient means to satisfy them, is of top priority. Routine testing methods that are frequently used in the drug development marketplace provide only a basic scientific understanding. Some cases, however, require the use of complementary analytical methods and creative thinking to gain a better understanding of a drug product’s quality and performance in the long-term. What differentiates Gateway’s analytical laboratory from others of its kind is its ability to combine mainstream methods with innovative technology, using different combinations of techniques to perform the most complete level of sample characterization available to solve complex client problems.

Recently, Specialty Pharma spent some time with David Exline, Senior Vice President of Gateway Analytical, to
discuss the company’s launch, the needs its services address in the marketplace, as well as its role in drug development. [Download & Read Full Article]

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