Our Quality Statement

Gateway Analytical is a diversified testing laboratory that performs high-end analytical testing in the areas of:

  • Pharmaceutical investigation, manufacture and process/product development
  • Forensic science and investigation
  • Material science

The management team and staff at Gateway Analytical are committed to attaining the highest level of quality in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The following specific quality objectives are tracked, trended and measured to evaluate overall performance.  Measured objectives include:

  • Reporting accuracy
  • On-time reporting
  • Customer survey results

Quality policies and objectives are documented and implemented through an established quality system designed to be compliant with 21 CFR Parts 210 & 211, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025:2005, and ASCLD-LAB 2011 supplemental requirements, among others.  All Gateway Analytical personnel are trained on the quality system and understand that excellence is achieved through a commitment to quality.